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Spirit of Amarok 2018


The International Spirit of Amarok is the premier amateur 4x4 precision driving competition in which enthusiasts from around the world gather to take part. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles South Africa is proud to host the 2018 International Spirit of Amarok competition to be held in Nelspruit from 30 September to 5 October. ‘Amarok’, which means ‘Wolf’ in ancient Inuit, is a fitting symbol of the patience, strength and determination our competitors must show in order to be named the toughest amateur off-road driver in the World. But the Spirit of Amarok isn’t just a precision driving competition – it’s also an unforgettable experience for those in attendance, absorbing all the action. This competition allows spectators to see and experience the Amarok for themselves. This year’s field features a diverse group of drivers from around the world who will be going head-to-head. These countries are Australia, Botswana, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, Sweden and Taiwan, China.







South Africa


Czech Republic

2017 Highlights

Kalahari Desert, South Africa

Spirit of Amarok 2018



A series of challenging trails are mapped out with the express view of making the course as competitive and compelling as possible. These trails are designed to test drivers and navigators to their limits, while demonstrating the Amarok and its outstanding attributes in the most unforgiving of environments.

Blazing Trails

This year, the organisers of the competition have selected the ideal course and location in Alkmaar Farmstay near Nelspruit. Special emphasis is being placed on speed and technical driving ability and from this year’s competition onwards, the competitors will be required to complete other off-road driving-related challenges as part of the competition. These challenges include timed tyre changing and vehicle recovery. Additionally, the organisers have made a point of incorporating diverse and authentic African themes with the view of enhancing the experience of both the competitors as well as spectators.


International Highlights

the hardest examinations,
the best drivers.